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Disability Employment Awareness Month Intro Photo

Oct 11, 2023

Disability Employment Awareness Month


October is National Disabilty Employment Awareness Month!

This month we celebrate the contributions the disability community brings to our workforce. This year also marks several major milestones in disabillity employment for the State of Minnesota. Minnesota is celebrating 50 years Disability Employment advocay with the National Rehabilitation Act, Minnesota Human Rights Act and the Minnesota Council of Disability. Aiming to provide equal access for individuals with disabilities, these acts have been critical to remove barriers and further advance opportunites in the workforce. 

At Restart, we have many individuals who contribute to the workforce or are interested in working. In both our Outreach Program and Residential Programs, individuals are supported in finding and maintaining meaningful work. Whether it is finding a routine surrounding their work schedule, facilitating communication with job coaches, ensuring transportation in place, advocating, or working with Minnesota Work Incentives Connection on how working impacts benefits - Restart takes pride in ensuring our individuals have the tools they need to succeed! 

To learn more about Disability Employment Month and the Disability Workforce check out these great resources: