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New Leisure Activity Program Intro Photo

Oct 01, 2023

New Leisure Activity Program

Introducing Restart's Leisure Activity Program 

Here at Restart we are excited to announce we were awarded the Customized Living Quality Improvement Grant! With this grant we have founded a Leisure Activity Program (LAP) for the individuals we serve.

A brain injury truly cuts across all economic, ethnic, age, and gender groups. When a person sustains a brain injury, their life can change in many ways. Personality, behavior, cognition, and memory can be affected. Brain stimulation promotes learning (neuroplasticity), which is the brain's ability to rewire itself and recover. During engaging activities, the brain strengthens its neural pathways so that individuals can enter or return to the workforce that bring fulfillment and a sense of self-worth. At Restart, the individuals we serve gain confidence to interact with others, access to activities, and the ability to make their own choices. 

This new LAP has been instrumental in providing more engaging activities for the individuals we serve, and supported us in meeting our mission!

Highlights from This Summer

This summer was filled with fun activites and adventures - including gardening, attending local sporting events, going to the MN State Fair, arts and crafts, visiting the Sculpture Garden, fishing, attending Restart's Annual Picnic, going to the Rose Garden and so much more! 



This fall we have a variety of fun activities planned in addition to our weekly programming, including our Annual Halloween Party, Pumpkin Carving, Fall Gardening and more! Stay tuned for highlights of upcoming events and activites.