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Eddie Intro Photo

Jun 01, 2023


Eddie suffered a brain injury when he was only 13 years old. Playing with his brothers, he fell and sustained a blow to the head. He was left in a wheelchair, unable to walk. More importantly, he could not live at home anymore and entered a nursing home that removed him from the normal socializations that a teenage boy should have.

After many years of determination, he has regained his mobility and now lives in our Minnehaha home, a semi-independent residence. With the help and daily structure of Restart Independent Living Skills (ILS) training, Eddie earned his GED and is now employed by a college maintenance department, where he enjoys interacting with the many people he comes in contact with. He continues to gain more independence. Eddie could not imagine where he’d be without the support and help of Restart, Inc.

Eddie is only one of our many success stories. Every day, Restart helps others just like Eddie make their way toward a more independent and meaningful life.