Restart Inc

Rebuilding lives after brain injury


Our Unique Services

Restart services are unique among rehabilitation providers for persons with cognitive impairments in the following ways:

We are one of the few organizations in the greater Twin Cities area to provide services dedicated to traumatic brain injury within a residential setting.

We provide options on a continuum to each individual’s level of care and goals, ranging from licensed Adult Foster Care to Housing with Services environments, to independent living skills in an outreach environment and in the length of care provided.

We help clients reach their maximum level of independence and competence by encouraging them to participate in purposeful activities, such as the operation and maintenance of the house, working outside the home, attending school, participating in training and vocational programs, volunteering within the community and accessing resources such as the Workforce Center, Chemical Dependency, Counseling, Vocational Rehabilitation and spiritual endeavors.

We partner with many different resources to offer the best proactive, individualized approaches for our clients. These include hospitals, health care experts, community organizations, county and state government assistance offices, and various case managers.

We offer a Restart Activity Program that provides our clients with access to events and activities in the community they wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend or participate in, such as sporting events, plays, museums, gardening, hobbies and more.