Restart Inc

Rebuilding lives after brain injury



James Jasper, Executive Director
Jim has over 35 years of experience in social service and Long Term Care Administration. Prior to becoming the Executive Director of Restart Inc in 2001, he was the Administrator of several Long Term Care Centers, including one specializing in residents with brain injuries. Jim has many years of experience with identifying and implementing new processes and systems to make an organization operate more efficiently.

Jennifer Jerry, Director of ILS Outreach Program
Jennifer has worked for the Restart ILS Outreach Program since 1995, and has been the Director since 2001. As the ILS Outreach Director, she devotes her time to training and the development of goals that address specific needs of persons with disabilities living in the community with the most practical strategies possible.

Jack Stark, Director of Nursing
Jack brings extensive psychiatric nursing experience working with children up through senior citizens. Jack works with both the client and their families providing the support they need to reach their goals. Jack graduated from the College of St. Catherine with a Registered Nursing degree in 2003.

Cherene Ahlstrom, Administration and HR Manager
As HR Manager for Restart, and an experienced generalist, Cherene provides our employees with a full complement of support ranging from compensation and benefits to policy development and performance management oversight. Her strong communication skills and attention to detail are well matched for the demands of managing an HR department in today’s marketplace.

Renee K. Donald, Residential Program Director
Renee has been with Restart since 2003. She retains a Certified Brain Injury Specialist designation and has been providing residential services in various domain settings for over 25 years. Renee has a background  of strong experience dealing with medically complex cases as well as chemical dependency issues, behavioral challenges, and psychiatric issues.

Katie Crowley, Site Manger
Katie came to Restart, Inc. in 2005 with an education background in sociology, emphasis in social work and concentration in deviant behaviors.  Her prior experience include working with children and adults with intellectual disabilities.  Katie values staff training as an on-going way for staff to assist residents in gaining and sustaining optimum developmental levels

Laura Brinkman, Site Manager
Laura joined Restart as an ILS Worker in the Residential Program and later was promoted to a Program Coordinator position. In 2015 Laura became the Site Manager for the Minnehaha, 614, and Elliot sites. Laura is very organized and knowledgeable in programing needs throughout the Residential Program as she was also an instructor for several years.

Maria Figueroa, Activity and Volunteer Coordinator
Maria has been with Restart since 2001 leading our Restart Activity Program and volunteer initiatives. She has 6 years experience in the Medicine and Oncology Unit in California as a PCA and Unit Secretary. She has been CNA certified since 1996 and has 3 years’ experience as a Food Safety Manager. In addition, she has over 16 years experience in cosmetology.