Restart Inc

Rebuilding lives after brain injury



Steve Piekarski, Executive Director
Steve currently serves as the Executive Director at Restart Inc., which focuses on providing support service to individuals with Traumatic Brain Injuries and other disabilities.  At Restart Steve focuses on providing strategic and operational direction that focuses on Restart’s mission.

Steve has over 20 years serving in various senior leadership roles with non-profits, governmental agencies, and healthcare.  Over that time his focus has been on improving systems so that people with disabilities and older adults can have access to the same rights and opportunities as everyone.

Steve also sits on various community organizations including the Three Rivers Park District Foundation Board of Directors and Children’s Defense Fund Advisory Board.

Jennifer Jerry, Director of ILS Outreach Program
Jennifer has worked for the Restart ILS Outreach Program since 1995, and has been the Director since 2001. As the ILS Outreach Director, she devotes her time to training and the development of goals that address specific needs of persons with disabilities living in the community with the most practical strategies possible.

Renee K. Donald, Residential Program Director
Renee has been with Restart since 2003. She retains a Certified Brain Injury Specialist designation and has been providing residential services in various domain settings for over 25 years. Renee has a background  of strong experience dealing with medically complex cases as well as chemical dependency issues, behavioral challenges, and psychiatric issues.

Katie Crowley, Assistant Director of Residential Services 
Katie came to Restart, Inc. in 2005 with an education background in sociology, emphasis in social work and concentration in deviant behaviors.  Her prior experience include working with children and adults with intellectual disabilities.  Katie values staff training as an on-going way for staff to assist residents in gaining and sustaining optimum developmental levels

Abigail Bell, Assistant Director of Outreach Services

Cheryl Cameron, Finance Manager

Cecilia Bell, Human Resources Specialist